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Cultivate the Way of

Enriching Wholeness, Holistic Happiness & Soul-Deep Freedom


We offer instructional, educational, social and therapeutic services for cultivating holistic transformation in individuals and in society.



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Get involved in our weekly livestreamed classes, 3-day Trainings or 3-month Personal Transformation Program.



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What does living the Way of Life Mean?

Living the Way of Life means mastering the holistic balance inherent with the dualistic nature of all things. Natural opposite forces may oppose each other in conflict and struggle, or they may find harmony and oneness for sustainable growth, prosperity and peace. It all depends upon the enlightenment and union of those who seek such. Our mission is to demonstrate the pattern and empower the process - and this transformational process begins in YOU!

Our Mission

We seek to cultivate and preserve the holistic balance of society for the sustainable enjoyment of life, health, happiness, harmony, liberty, prosperity and peace.


We foster an inside-out approach, as this holistic balance begins within each individual heart.

Yoga at Home

"The root of  Suffering is Ignorance."


We Serve the Seekers and Believers.
Our program empowers those who are awakening to the Divine calling within them to ignite the transformative light in themselves and expand that light throughout the world.

Sustainable Liberty

Live the
Way of Life

Healthy, vibrant and spiritually enlightened individuals create a healthy, vibrant and spiritually enlightened society. 

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