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Achieve optimal health, and find balance, through the world's oldest and most comprehensive, holistic healing modality.


About Us

What we do at Blue Petal Foundation isn't really about us. It's about you.


Healing and enjoying greater well-being is just the beginning of your journey. You're a seeker and a believer. Along this path is deeper purpose, meaning, and happiness. There may be in you a longing to connect more deeply to these, fulfill them, and expand beyond.

We're glad you found us. We're here to provide the tools.

As you ascend—you'll break limits, discard false beliefs, and become more real, connected, stronger, flowing, grounded, and sublime.


Healing is simply a benefit along the way. 

Are you ready?

Utah's Premier Holistic Medicine Center

Center for Deep Healing

Tai Chi

Experience Qigong

Join us for live Qigong classes, in person or online, and experience this ancient healing modality for yourself.

Mission: To enable personal deep healing and self-transformation through Medical Qigong treatment, training, and certification opportunities.

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