We envision a brighter world of peace, equity and harmony. This will be the

inevitable result as more and more individuals awaken to their true eternal

nature, cultivate their own enlightenment as beings of the Divine, and live in

harmony with natural and eternal laws.


We enable individuals to return to the Way of all Life. Through cultivating personal wholeness, we further promote harmony and peace in relationships and communities. This entails establishing the balance necessary for sustaining all that mankind universally desires - happiness, peace, liberty, safety and prosperity, We promote these in three specific ways:


We Enable Transformation

We begin by inspiring and enabling our members in their deep healing and self-transformation. Through our training program, we guide our members through the process of letting go, “un-becoming,” and dissipating deep-seated fear, anger, grief, worry, anxiety, and stress. We then more freely transform through a return to our inner-divine nature, embodying innate compassion, wisdom, confidence, trust and inner-peace. This process - using ancient wisdom and the Chinese health cultivation practice Qigong - is what facilitates healing, wholeness and integration of the body, spirt, mind and heart.



We Strengthen Community   

What we do at the individual level to cultivate harmony we apply at a higher

level within our growing community. We unite our members through our various events, retreats, service projects and training intensives with the same philosophy of balance and oneness. The cultivation of genuine and authentic relationships within our membership fosters the joy and richness of human connection. This further empowers the personal transformation experienced by each member. 


We Impact Economies

When we generously give and serve others to benefit them in ways they cannot do for themselves, it generates a feeling inside that money can never buy. It’s an actual energy infused with loving light. This becomes a powerful and inspiring medicine to the soul. By voluntarily serving with our skills and abilities, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and giving goods or resources to others without any expectation of return, we further empower ourselves. When we graciously accept and receive the same from others in humility, we further empower them. We generate what we call an energy economy. Through this kind of economic exchange, we value relationships above resources and help others and ourselves return to the natural, divine way of life. This further nourishes wholeness, balance, peace, happiness and the spiritual light within our relationships and the world around us.


The blue lotus flower, as seen in our logo and name, is considered sacred among Asian, Buddhist, and Hindu cultures. We’ve taken a single petal and crafted this inspiring flower into the very essence of Blue Petal Foundation. 


The ancients observed how this flower would open its luminous blue petals at the dawn of each new day and close them again at dusk. They began to associate the opening of the blue lotus flower with the dawning of a new day, the arrival of the sun, light, and goodness. 


In addition, the blue lotus flower is symbolic for:

  • ​Finding victory over selfish attachments

  • Showing love and compassion for all things, living or non-living

  • Rising above suffering

  • Experiencing purity of wisdom

  • Developing patience with oneself, others, and life’s greatest lessons

  • Being aware of one’s true self

  • Experiencing spirituality

  • Enjoying various stages of enlightenment and ascension

Drawing on this symbolism, Blue Petal Foundation provides its members with a new perspective, an opportunity to find deeper personal healing, to increase vitality, and to empower wholeness.