Healing and happiness exist within a state of alignment, balance and flow.

We are holistic beings, consisting of the obvious tangible physiology as well as the transcendental powers of mind and subtle etherealness of spirit. Each contributes to the interconnected makeup of our being. An imbalance or disturbance to one of these influences or offsets the others.


For example, unaddressed and unprocessed negative emotions may eventually manifest as physical discomfort, illness or even disease. Thus, emotional or energetic stagnation leads to suffering of body, mind and/or spirit. The entire system is affected. This imbalanced and constricted state starts affecting how we see the world, which forms our reality. Our vision of who we are and what we're capable of becoming diminishes. Life becomes darkened through the gradual paralysis of the spirit, mind and body. 


Holistic suffering creates the need for holistic healing, and no other holistic healing modality facilitates that more effectively than Chinese Medical Qigong. This is why Blue Petal Foundation exists.

Our mission is to make available to Utah this ancient healing practice for profound healing and personal empowerment. In doing so, our dedicated clients arise and ascend to greater well-being, successfully manage their health and discover unimaginable breakthroughs. They experience how the spirit, mind and body fundamentally transform, blend and evolve.


New perspective is gained. Deeper personal healing begins. Vitality increases. Wholeness becomes empowered. Satisfying happiness endures. Balance is present.


The journey has begun.​

If you'd like to join in the movement to further establish Qigong in Utah and want to benefit from this ancient healing art yourself, just click when you're ready.

Our mission is to enable personal deep healing and self-transformation through Medical Qigong treatment, training and certification opportunities.

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