Welcome to Blue Petal Foundation! We utilize the understanding of ancient wisdom and centuries-old Chinese Qigong health practices to cultivate personal healing and transformation in a profound way. Embedded within the support of community, the healing and transformation becomes lasting.

Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit business structure uniquely allows us to focus on what matters most: YOU. There are no attached financial costs to any training courses or treatment services. All becomes available through the sustaining contributions and supportive efforts of each member. Your personal learning, healing, connecting, transcending and transforming experiences are directly intertwined with your own unique ways of giving back to the community and sustaining its growth. 

Our training events and treatment services are provided at our office in Alpine, Utah—The Center for Deep Healing. Distant members may participate virtually in the weekly Qigong classes and the Self-Transformation series of training intensives (however, certification requires students to be in-person for all training intensives). In addition, some of the treatment services, such as Medical Qigong and hypnotherapy, may be conducted remotely.


Once you become a member of Blue Petal Foundation, one of our team members will visit with you to create a Personal Path Outline. This is our opportunity to learn of your personal objectives, health needs and identify ways you can serve and give back to our community. We will establish priorities, expectations and answer all questions for you during this 1-hour visit. We will also review the membership information provided below:



Your membership in Blue Petal Foundation begins on the Enlightened Path level. As an Enlightened Path member, you are provided access to all Qigong classes and most Medical Qigong training intensives (the advanced Clinical Therapy intensives simply have prerequisites of previous Clinical Therapy courses). You will simply need to register for the classes and training intensives you desire to attend. Your commitment at this level is to raise $2,500.

Following the first 30 days of membership, and through dedicated attendance of classes/trainings and successful fundraising achievements, members may advance to the level of Mountain Sanctuary. As a Mountain Sanctuary member, you are granted additional access to various treatment services, including Medical Qigong treatment, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, halotherapy (dry salt therapy) and nutritional counseling. Your commitment at this level is to raise an additional $2,000. 

After four months of active membership, additional successful fundraising efforts and demonstration of proficiency with Qigong knowledge and exercises, members may advance to the level of Golden Palace. This level of membership is required to certify as a Medical Qigong practitioner. As a token of achievement, Golden Palace members are awarded the five-volume set of Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine. These essential textbooks are the curriculum of the entire Medical Qigong training program and serve as an indispensable resource for every energy medicine practitioner.

Classes and Training 

As described above, upon acceptance into our Blue Petal Foundation membership, your journey begins on the Enlightened Path. At this level, you are given access to weekly classes and monthly training intensives, which consists of Self-Transformation and Clinical Therapy.

The Self-Transformation series is presented through three 3-day intensives. These are designed for those who are seeking to improve their own holistic health by utilizing ancient Qigong exercises to strengthen their body and immune system, regulate internal organs, nervous system and hormones, relieve pain, and release deep-seated emotions and stress. Throughout these intensives, students will also be introduced to training creative visualization, increasing mind concentration, increasing perceptual awareness, healing from emotional traumas, releasing emotional blockages and energetic armoring and developing vibration in the body for increased power. Students will also be introduced to advanced meditations for expanding conscious awareness, organ self-massage exercises, self-healing massages, point tapping and Taoist Wu Dang (Hun Yuan) exercises for "washing" and regulating the energies of the body. 

The Clinical Therapy series is presented through four 4-day intensives. Training in Medical Qigong clinic basics include working with energy, training Qi projection and manipulation hand techniques, energetic diagnosis and general treatment protocol ("table work"). Nearing the final certification, students understand the energetic process of healing from emotional traumas, pathological energetic patterns, balancing the body’s energetic system, clinical precautions and considerations, clinical ethics, understanding conscious and subconscious influences in a treatment setting, Five Element Qi massage, and clinical safety & protection. Training also includes learning methods for finding & removing energetic cords, advanced Qi emission applications & techniques, addressing Yin organ & miscellaneous disease conditions, Qigong prescription exercises and meditations and healing sound prescription exercises.

Those seeking Medical Qigong Practitioner certification must complete both Self-Transformation and Clinical Therapy intensives (seven total)


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