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Thanks to donors we have a limited number of scholarships available for those who would like to seek further Qigong training but are in need of financial assistance. Scholarships cover up to 75% of tuition cost of any given training course. For in-person training courses, a certain number of seats are reserved for scholarship recipients. Standby scholarship applicants will be selected based on the number of available unreserved seats up to a week out from the start of the training. Please be thoughtful and intentional in your application so the scholarship review committee can select those candidates who would benefit most from a scholarship.


By signing below I attest any personal narrative or information provided in this electronic form above was answered solely on my own accord and according to the best of my ability. No factual information was falsified and this entire submission is being submitted with my understanding there is no guarantee a scholarship will be provided and further information may be asked of me during the scholarship review process.

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Mission: To enable personal deep healing and self-transformation through Medical Qigong treatment, training, and certification opportunities.

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