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Return to the Way of All Life for Personal Healing, Wholeness & Transformation

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You will have access to three unique 3-day training intensives. One is presented each month, and you're welcome to repeat any you'd like. Each will empower you with practical tools for personal deep healing and self-transformation.


Your first one-on-one visit will be to assess your personal holistic health needs and goals. You will then be provided 5 personal health sessions with additional access to more community-funded services through our network of providers.


Your Welcome Kit includes important resources for your personal learning, including a diagram of the 12 Core Concepts of the Way of All Life, a copy of Tao Te Ching, Five Element Self-assessment and a journal.


As a program participant you will advance to a higher level of membership with ongoing access to more events designed to deepen meaningful relationships within our compassionate membership community.


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Optional Scholarship Application

The actual cost for this experience is $2,500, which can be made in one payment or through a payment plan over 6, 9 or 12 months (interest-free):

  • 6 monthly payments of $416.67/month

  • 9 monthly payments of $277.78/month

  • 12 monthly payments of $208.34/month

Partial scholarships are available for low-income families and are based on your financial situation. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please indicate "yes" below and complete the additional questions. We will keep this information confidential.

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