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What does Blue Petal Foundation offer?

Our overall program offers you practical tools, knowledge and a platform for cultivating transformational change within yourself, your family and the world around you


Our work is centered on the truths, principles and paradigm inherent in the Way of All Life. This core ideology defines the essential dynamic union and harmony of all things for sustainable growth, peace, prosperity and freedom. The core concepts of the Way of All Life are applicable to individuals, families, communities, organizations and society.


These core concepts are:

The Way and its Power: Wholeness & Fullness

Ideal: Potential & Realization

Happiness: Paradigm & Holism

Duality: Harmony & Oneness

Equilibrium: Balance & Flow

Truth: Reality & Perspective

Wisdom: Paradox & Understanding

Virtue: Strength & Protection

Power: Autonomy & Yielding

Equity: Justice & Mercy

Governing: Leadership & Stewardship

Prosperity: Wealth & Economy

Based on these core concepts, and the reality of embodying and living according to the Way of All Life, we present five specific programs.

Return to the Way of All Life for Personal Healing, Wholeness & Transformation (available now!)

Return to the Way of All Life for Family Togetherness, Harmony & Happiness (available Fall 2023)

Return to the Way of All Life for Community Strength, Connection & Security (available Fall 2023)

Return to the way of All Life for Organizational Unity, Sustainability & Growth (available Spring 2024)

Return to the Way of All life for Societal Liberty, Prosperity & Peace (available Summer 2023)


How can I get involved?

There are a variety of ways you can get involved!


  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. We send out Way of All Life insights, holistic health tips and news of upcoming events.


  • Become a Basic member. Our membership is based on commitments, not contracts. At this level, the only financial commitment is what you decide to contribute. Visit our Join page to learn more and get started.


  • Register for the Return to the Way of All Life for Personal Healing, Wholeness & Transformation Program.

This is where you can delve into life changing experiences with lasting results. Higher levels of membership with more benefits become possible through the completion of this 3-month program. As a program participant you will have access to the following:

  • All of the 3-day training seminars (click here for details and calendar)

  • Weekly Way of All Life classes, presented in studio and livestreamed

  • Five personal healing sessions (Medical Qigong or Hypnotherapy) 

The tuition for this experience is $2,500, which can be made in one payment or through an interest-free payment plan over 3, 6, or 9 months. We also offer partial scholarships to low-income individuals. The cost of tuition covers all materials, employee wages, and facility maintenance. In addition, 20% of the tuition goes directly to our Treatment Fund which benefits all our members needing holistic health care services. Register here.

  • Support our effort by making a tax-deductible contribution. As a nonprofit organization, Blue Petal Foundation relies greatly on donations. We exercise careful consideration in how every dollar is allocated and try to keep costs low while still providing a world-class experience. Click on the Donate button below to make your contribution (and thank you!)



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