Our mission is to enable personal deep healing and self-transformation through Medical Qigong treatment, training and certification opportunities.

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Ascension stimulates specific areas of the brain and increases the level of energy flow, purges the fields surrounding the upper body of negative energy and leaves the individual feeling calm and deeply aware of their body's energetic fields.  Ascension also heightens the individual's connection to their higher self. 

Mist or Oil
  • Ingredients include

    Organic Spirits, Myrrh, Cassia, Calamus Root, Other Essential Oils.

  • Instructions for Use

    Spray evenly within your immediate area. For topical use, lightly spray in the palm of the hand, clap 3 times to clear the Wei Qi (3 energetic fields), inhale through the nose, then brush over your entire energy field, above the head, down the sides and back of the body and arms. Assess the energetic effect by assuming a Wuji (standing) position.