What is Energy Healing?

Fifteen years ago I would have been uncomfortable writing this. I understand how odd the idea of energy healing sounds to the general public. However, I benefited from it when I was 21 years old and it forever changed my understanding of alternative forms of healing.

I was rear-ended by a distracted driver as my friend and I sat at a stop light. My friend was in the driver seat and caught a glance of the headlights rapidly approaching in the rear-view mirror. He had a split second to brace himself. I did not. I only recall hearing the screeching tires, seeing the front end of our car soar into the air and feeling my neck nearly snap against the headrest.

Two years, four chiropractors and two neurologists later, my pain remained. Was there any hope of relief?

Desperation has a way of opening the field of considerations. Someone recommended to my Dad that I visit with a woman who claimed to heal using a personal gift – the gift of healing. I didn’t know what that meant, but I was open to try it.

The woman – named Joyce – welcomed me into her small suburban home and invited me to relax on a cushioned bed. She claimed that by resting her hand on my stomach she could “see” into my body and diagnose any abnormalities and generate a healing influence upon them.

Again, I had never heard of anything like that but I was open to explore and receive.

Within a minute of her warming touch she began identifying multiple issues in various parts of my body, most of which I already knew about but said nothing regarding them prior to our appointment. Needless to say, I was impressed and amazed. She was totally accurate. How did she do that!?

About a year later, I visited with another talented and gifted healer named Ron for some of the same pain related issues, as well as other personal issues. I remembered worrying what my friends or religious teachers might think if they knew I was receiving help from an energy healer. I questioned if this violated some religious or spiritual code of conduct; however, I always felt amazing afterward. I would experience profound peace and greater wholeness, as if my body and spirit were more harmonized to each other like a flutist would be harmonized with his instrument as he played beautiful music. I drew closer to God more easily after the treatments and felt a gentle, loving calmness that pervaded in me for hours. Besides all this, my physical pain was improving and I felt more myself.

From that time on a powerful interest was embedded in my heart for learning this form of healing. This modality was deep. It was profound. It considered all aspects of my being – my spirit, my emotions, my heart, my body and my mind. And it all just made sense to me. This is how people need to heal – holistically!

What is energy healing? Well, this post is meant to simply open the door for many future posts to delve deeply into answering that question.

This blog is my story…and yours too. It represents our collective journey to wholeness for ourselves, our families, our communities and ultimately for mankind. What truth blesses one of us will benefit all. My mission is to carve out and provide in my little area a better understanding of Energy Medicine and the holistic nature of our being, especially by utilizing the knowledge and tools provided by Chinese Medical Qigong.

Thank you for joining the journey!

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