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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding our Ideology

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What is the Way of All Life?

The Way of All Life is more than a philosophy. It is a manner of living in harmony with a holistic balance for the realization of fullness and wholeness of all life. On a personal level, this yields personal health and wellness. Within a family, this way of life yields harmony and happiness. Within a society, the Way of All Life is the realization of liberty, prosperity and peace. It is when this balance is neglected or lost that we deal with the troubles,  inequalities and polarization that plague our lives and our society.

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How does the Way of All Life help me?

When taken to heart, the Way of All Life helps one embrace a simpler approach in all things. Relaxing into the natural flow of life and finding balance within a holistic paradigm helps open the heart, inspire the mind and ignite the spirit within. The fulfillment of the greater potential of all things becomes clearer, including oneself. One is able to deepen the joy of relationships, strengthen their appreciation of nature and enrich their inner connection with God.

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How does this ideology relate to religion and politics?

We regard Church and State as the governing “mother” and “father” of society. Both play a role in nurturing and safeguarding the societal family. These are to unite in their way of shaping the culture, instilling the virtues, providing the opportunities and preserving the rights of each citizen. The Way of All Life demonstrates how the “marriage” of these governing powers work in upholding peace, prosperity, liberty and harmony. This ideology is conducive with any religion, especially those that honor the sanctity of life and the freedom of mankind.

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Is the Way of All Life practical for everyday modern life?

We like the way Lao-Tzu expressed his response: "Some say that my teaching is nonsense. Others call it lofty but impractical. But to those who have looked inside themselves, this nonsense makes perfect sense. And to those who put it into practice, this loftiness has roots that go deep."

Regarding our Program

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What is the cost of membership?

The Basic level of membership does not have a fixed cost, but members contribute a financial amount they determine, and can change at any time. Advancing in membership, and enjoying greater benefits, however, is achieved through participation in the tuition-based program.

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Do I need membership to receive treatment services?

Individuals may enjoy up to two donation-based treatments prior to setting up their membership. Anything beyond that will require program participation (membership beyond the Basic level).

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Can a family member benefit from my membership?

Membership benefits pertain to members only. If you would like involve a relative (spouse, child who is 16 or older, parent, etc.) in any part of the overall program they may become members and enjoy the benefits themselves. 

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How do I become a member?

Membership is based on agreeing to and honoring 3 commitments, as we believe that true transformation of life and lifestyle comes not only from a decision of the mind but also from a pledge of the heart. This also allows us to establish a foundation of trust and cooperation as we work together and unite for greater good.

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Does my membership ever expire?

Membership is maintained by actively honoring the 3 commitments. It will not expire based on any timeframe. We care deeply that each member feels part of our growing family community, and hope that each member enjoys life-long involvement. If a member has stepped away from participating in the classes or events for a period longer than 3 months and desires to return and enjoy membership benefits, they will need to rejoin through the same process as a new applicant.

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Is there an age requirement?

Children 15 and younger may participate in the Basic level of membership, which gives them access to the weekly Way of All Life classes, with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. They are not expected to agree to the three commitments or financially contribute.

Only individuals 16 and older may register and participate in the tuition-based program. Exceptions may be considered by contacting us at

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