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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Healing and Transformation doesn't require more of anything.
It requires less.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate and preserve the holistic balance of society for the sustainable enjoyment of life, health,  wholeness, liberty, harmony, prosperity and peace.


We do this by nurturing an inside-out approach, empowering individuals in holistic wellness, enlightenment wisdom and personal transformation. 

Sustainable Liberty

Our Vision

ONENESS We envision a society of a richly diverse, yet wholly unified people who are of one heart and one mind. We use our unique views and cherished values not to compete against each other, but rather help complete each other in overall wholeness of thought, understanding and feeling.

RADIANCE Through the individual and collective embodiment of virtue, a spiritual light emanates and permeates society. This light stems from our true sacred nature as beings of the Divine and our own transformation toward holiness.

POWER Each is enlightened with the understanding of the inherent holistic balance necessary to sustain individual and societal wholeness, liberty, prosperity and peace. With this knowledge, we each are empowered to cultivate and preserve this vital balance.

ABUNDANCE By virtue of the abundant love and honor toward Divinity and one another, all willingly engage in a philanthropic giving and exchanging of goods and services to the extent that there is no want, and all are abundantly provided for in a thriving, self-sustaining energy economy.

Our Message

Health, happiness, liberty, prosperity and peace are not just ideals, they are essential elements and natural fruits of life that may be cultivated and abundantly enjoyed – on a personal and societal level!

We demonstrate the pattern and empower the process for those who seek to enjoy these fruits in a sustainable manner. We call this the Way of All Life!

Blue Petal Foundation presents the distinct and singular ideological framework for the development and enjoyment of enduring happiness, peace, prosperity and harmony of the Great Whole. This unique ideology is rich with spiritual wisdom and grounded in eternal principles. The nature of this ideology is found in the heart of nearly every sacred belief system, sound political philosophy, ancient sacred writing and spiritually advanced culture. It reveals the quintessential nature of governance for the sustainable enjoyment of that which we all naturally seek: abundant health, happiness, harmony, liberty, prosperity, peace and much more!


Our Objectives

Our program offers social, educational, instructional and therapeutic benefits in helping individuals, families and communities cultivate the Way of All Life within themselves. As such, there are five ways through which we accomplish our mission:

We Enlighten individuals in the essential principles of the Way of All Life through our discussion series presented in class and through online videos.

We Teach Transformational Methods for cultivating personal strength of body, wholeness of heart and beauty of spirit through a series of 3-day training intensives.

We Enable Health and Wellness through a variety of community funded holistic health services to further empower personal wholeness.

We Strengthen Relationships through organized events, such as our Member Gatherings, service activities, experientials and retreats.

We Facilitate an Energy Economy through which goods and services are voluntarily exchanged within a trusted community in philanthropic ways.

Get Involved!

Become a member by making and honoring the 3 Commitments and participate in our weekly Way of All Life Classes

Register for our Program!

Register for our 3-Month Personal Healing, Wholeness & Transformation Program

  • Three 3-day Qigong trainings (one presented each month)

  • Five Chinese Energetic Medicine or Hypnotherapy sessions

  • Access to community-funded health services from network of providers

  • Access to experientials and retreats

Have Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us for more information

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