Blue Petal Foundation's Program Overview. Please Read Before Applying.

Blue Petal Foundation’s Medical Qigong Program is presented as a way of cultivating personal deep healing and self-transformation, as well as an opportunity to certify as a Medical Qigong Practitioner.

Once you become a member of Blue Petal Foundation, you will have opportunities of accepting commitments that help you advance through the program. Because there is no cost associated with joining, these commitments include conducting fundraisers for the foundation. Advancing through various levels of membership (Enlightened Path, Mountain Sanctuary and Golden Palace) grants you access to individualized treatment services, certification and more. To learn about the requirements for each level of membership, click here. You may progress through the training in as little as six months to become certified as a Medical Qigong Practitioner. 

Is this Program Right For Me?

As everyone may not be the right fit for our program, we want to make sure we're truly a match. If so, we also want to ensure that you are prepared for the commitments of membership. We hope to draw those who are earnestly seeking the following:

  • Personal healing and self-transformation

  • A system for integrating balance and harmony of mind, heart, spirit and body 

  • Identify and change limiting perceptions and beliefs

  • Willingness to let go of deep hurts, fears, and anger, and process through traumas of the past

  • Establish a daily spiritual walk for the cultivation of wholeness and peace in the present

  • A desire to belong to a community of truth seekers, light bearers and heart healers

  • Certification in the world's oldest and most comprehensive holistic, complementary alternative medicine

Certification Program Details
  • 6-9 Month Certification Training

  • Monthly 3-Day or 4-Day Intensives (mandatory in-person)

  • Bi-monthly 2-Hour evening in-depth classes (optional)

  • Ongoing Community Support


  • Lifestyle transformation (embody the enlightenment, principles and truth presented in the program)

  • Openness to change (thoughts, beliefs and behaviors) as insight and enlightenment expand your awareness

  • Attend in-person every 3- and 4-day intensive (no exceptions). If you miss a training intensive, simply plan for the next scheduled date that intensive will be presented. 

  • Diligently integrate the exercises and practices into daily life

  • Willingness to give back to the growing Blue Petal Community

  • Successfully conduct fundraisers to financially support the Program ($2,500 fundraiser within the first 30-60 days)

  • 30-Minute Zoom personal interview


Intensive Training Dates (must attend each in-person for certification)

August 12-14, 2021

September 8-11, 2021

October 6-9, 2021 (retreat)

November 10-13, 2021

December 8-11, 2021 (Possible retreat)

January 12-15, 2022

February 10-12, 2022

(All intensives, except for retreats, are presented at our Alpine, Utah location.)

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Application also for Medical Qigong Practitioner certification.


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